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Best Religious Educational Materials For Children To Buy In 2021

The materials are designed to inspire parents to engage children in religious study, outside, and with others, as well as to give them trust in their ability to open the Bible at the house. The games and discussion starters are intended to give families a taste of what it is like to talk about religion … Continued

Wood Crafted Sunday School Lesson Materials For Kids

How To Teach Children About Worship Interactively?

Spirituality is an aspect of a child’s identity. It is through spiritual development that children learn to be aware of qualities such as responsibility, reverence, and respect. They also develop a love for nature and the desire to protect it. According to James William Fowler, an American theologian, children can progress from concrete to abstract … Continued

Bible Lessons and Materials For Kids

How to Teach Your Kids About the Bible at Home

As parents, you want to plant the seed of Christianity into your children’s hearts. That’s why it’s important to teach the Word of God at a young age. Children are at their prime age of learning. Their spongey brains are absorbing all of the knowledge around them. So if you want them to grow up … Continued

Jesus Christ Story Materials For Children

How To Teach Your Kids About Jesus Christ

Introducing the concept of God to your little one is always a fun exercise. But at times, we are often left wondering if they can genuinely connect with the love of God. They may scramble for ways to love him back, especially if they are not fully aware of the concept. The solution? Change your … Continued

Jane Tyson

Jane Tyson

Have used their products for 10 years. The children love the Bible stories told with the wood figurines! My 1st story was Palm Sunday 2009! Attended a 3 day workshop with Kay and have almost 60 stories now. Thank you Worship Woodworks!

Collen Arnold-Moore

Colleen Arnold-Moore

Worship Woodworks are amazing! Not only did they pull together the Good Friday story quickly (on a late Friday night & on a Saturday), they also found the most cost effective way to send it to Australia!! My last parish used these wonderful materials- spectacularly made and much loved!